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ALUCOMAT® Nano Static-Dissipative


ALUCOMAT® is world’s original ALUminium COmposite MATerial (ACM) Total Solution provider, the material is later known as Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP).


Thanks to all-new Nano Solution from ALUCOMAT® ACM Total Solution family, quality of low-rise, commercial signage, electronic plant, and interior design may elevate even higher unprecedentedly.
After extensive laboratory and field testing, ALUCOMAT® Static-Dissipative series, which lacquered coated with specially formulated Nano-technology resins, is proven solution is delivering permanent static-dissipative effectiveness. Live-in performance evidences that it can virtually help end-customers preventing potential losses by superb elimination of static charge in workplace where strict environmental and health standards are applied.


ALUCOMAT® Static-Dissipative is a value-added solution ideal for projects which require strictest control of electrostatic resistivity:
electrical engineering | semiconductor production | clean room | precision mechanics | electronic assembly |
testing laboratory | and more…


Innovative coating finish applied to ALUCOMAT® Static-Dissipative requires zero maintenance after installation since its excellence electrostatic dissipation rate will not decay as time goes by. With reading of surface resistivity at 1.0 x 106 ~ 108 Ω, ALUCOMAT® Static-Dissipative is the most positive match on static dissipation without particle adherence.
Laboratory report tested according to American ANSI-EOS/ESDS11.11:2001 standards is available under request.


Since ALUCOMAT® is world’s pioneer of aluminium composite panel since 1966, ALUCOMAT® Nano specifications are world specifications:
Alloy 0.30 mm virgin aluminium sheet on each face
Coating Outer face is lacquered coated with specially formulated static-dissipative solution licensed from Japan, appropriate for interior applications
Inner face is protected with a service coat (not mill finish)
Core LDPE, RoHS compliant
Thickness 3.00 mm
Width 1,220 mm
Length 2,440 mm
Custom Thickness 2.0 ~ 8.0 mm
Width 1,250 / 1,500 mm
Length On demand

Nano Solution Family

ALUCOMAT® Nano Solution is more than a piece of panel. It may come with a variety of surface enhancement formula to better suit individual project needs. Please select an appropriate one listed on the right menu or directly below:
Variations Alloy Coating System Core Material
Anti-Bacterial 0.30 mm Specially formulated anti-bacterial nano solution LDPE, RoHS compliant

Color Chart

Selected standardized colors are available for viewing below. Due to color and gloss reflection difference on computer monitor, please contact us to Request for Color Sample before placing order.
Cool Gray

Custom Color & Pattern

Please contact us to Request a Custom Color Matching. Limits applied.